Flow - Exploring Dank Memes

Spending a lot of time online? You're not alone. News and research surveys point to significantly higher use of the Internet over the pandemic. Not only are we using it to go to work and school, but it's now the place where we stay connected to our friends and learn new hobbies.

The pandemic has given me a deeper appreciation for the Internet. There's a quote I come across occasionally online, "We're born too late to explore the Earth, born too early to explore the universe, born just in time to explore dank memes online." While it's meant in jest, there is some truth to it. I used to think this quote was a sad indictment of the time we live in - a world so connected by airplanes and container ships that there were few places that hadn't already been charted, catalogued and captured in film by earlier humans.

Being stuck at home on my computer for hours a day, however, has given me a stronger appreciation and understanding of the Internet. It is so worthy of exploration. Anything you want to learn is out there somewhere - YouTube tutorials, blog posts and full-on courses to teach you. Creative and fresh content from the over 4.5 billion active Internet users from every corner of the world - showcasing their talents from dance, film, theater, critical analysis of movies and books, geography and culture, this list is literally endless. Active communities for every interest and passion.

I'm sure none of this is news to you. At Flow, we're avid Internet users as well. Our mission is to provide you the tools to stay calm and organized as you use your browser, so you can explore the Internet more easily. If the Internet is its own universe worthy of exploration, we need the tools to explore it effectively.

Our first foray at Flow is our browser extension (also called Flow 🙃), where you can create workspaces within your browser. Think of workspaces as a way to organize the different things you do online - work projects, classes you're taking, side projects you're chipping away at, hobbies you're learning, trip planning, doing your finances, etc. If the Internet is a massive sandbox video game, Flow is your quest log. When you're ready to work on a project, you can enter that Flow and your browser changes to the state you were previously at, with all the tabs you had opened and notes you had taken. Check us out and feel free to email us at with any feedback or suggestions!